Incorporating over 25 years of PCB Layout experience in the field,  our design engineers will use the latest CAD/Design tools and techniques to provide you with the very best quality layout available anywhere.

Platforms We Use:

  • Altium schematic and PCB Design
  • Orcad Schematic
  • Allegro Board Layout
  • Mentor Graphics Schematic Design
  • Pads PCB Layout

Our PCB Design and Layouts include:
High Speed Designs with EMI Control and Signal Integrity

  • High Density Designs with Blind and Buried microvias, embedded resistors and Embedded Capacitance
  • High Power PCBs with Heavy Copper
  • Digital, Designs with topology
  • Analog and Mixed Signal Designs
  • Controlled Impedance and Differential pair
  • Rigid, Flex, and Rigid-Flex Design
  • Press-fit HAST and Reliability Boards
  • Load Boards and DUT Cards
  • Component Footprint Adapters
  • Substrates and interposers
  • Multi Chip Modules (MCM) in LCC, QFP, and BGA Form Factor
  • Chip On Board
  • Component Stacking