SpectraCAD Engineering provides a full spectrum of PCB services applicable to a large array of customers through specified methods of PCB Layout, FAB, Assembly and Multi-Chip Module design.  Working alongside our partners,  SpectraCAD will meet all the needs of our customers in today’s time/detailed-dependant technical world.  Also, SpectraCAD is proud to make the commitment that with all large FULL TURNKEY ORDERS, PCB layouts will be free with no additional cost to the customer.

PCB Layout

Incorporating over 25 years of PCB Layout experience in the field,  our design engineers will use the latest CAD/Design tools and techniques to provide you with the very best quality layout available  anywhere.

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PCB Fabrication

Our Rigid board manufacturing facility is specialized in quick turn leading edge technology and specialty products.  At SpectraCAD Engineering, we provide complete DFM review prior to sending the gerbers for manufacturing.
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PCB Assembly & Test

Coupled with our affiliated Assembly Houses in Southern California and Minneapolis MN, we provide manufacturing and fabrication of PCBs for both Prototype as well as high-volume production for large orders.

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